ViewContent Facebook event firing on homepage

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Hi all,


On the homepage of my store, Facebook is firing a ViewContent event (which should only happen on product pages). 


I have set up the Facebook Pixel through the standard Shopify integration. 


Is anyone facing similar issues and has been able to resolve this?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hello @CamieldeRoos,

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To fix the issue of the Facebook Pixel firing the ViewContent event on your Shopify store's homepage instead of just product pages, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the problem caused by setup configurations.

- Check if the product pages on your Shopify store contain all the required product-specific information. The ViewContent event is typically meant for product pages, triggered when users view a product. Ensure that these pages have essential details such as product names, descriptions, and relevant information.

- Make sure you have correctly integrated the Facebook Pixel using the standard Shopify integration.

- Verify the Facebook Pixel code snippet installed by Shopify on your website. Ensure that it is correctly placed within the theme files, preferably in the `head` section.

- Use the Facebook Pixel Helper browser extension, available for Google Chrome, to test if the Pixel is firing correctly on different pages of your website. This tool will provide insights into which events are firing and any potential errors.

- Examine whether any custom code or third-party apps you've added to your Shopify store might interfere with the Facebook Pixel functionality. Additional scripts or apps might be causing the ViewContent event to fire on the homepage.

- If you require more control over the events firing on specific pages, you can consider manually implementing the Facebook Pixel through a custom code integration. This approach allows you to regulate when and where each event fires on your website. Keep in mind that manual setup requires technical knowledge and may not be necessary for most cases.

If you've followed all the above steps and the issue persists, reach out to Shopify Support for further assistance.

Let me know if you require any further guidance.


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Hi Gina,


I already found the issue. These events were previously set up by someone else through the Facebook event setup tool within Facebook. 

It's resolved now,