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ViewContent Retargeting Ads Work, but AddtoCart/Initiate Checkout Do Not Help!

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Okay I'm at my wit's end with this one.  After spending months trying to get everything sorted out properly with Dynamic retargeting ads on FB, I have finally got my retargeting ads for content views to work just fine.


But when I choose Add To Cart or Initiate Checkout....nothing.  The ads don't fire.  


The Pixel is picking up the events just fine- or so it says.  I'm using the same product catalog I'm using in the ViewContent ads as well.  Heck I've even tried creating a custom audience of people who have added to cart but didn't finish to circumvent the problem.  Still nothing.


Frustrated and confused!

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You first want to check the pixel events are firing correctly. Go to your pixel diagnostics to see if the Add to Cart and Initiate Checkout events are firing. Also test it yourself with the Chrome Extension Facebook Pixel Helper.


If both look okay, it could be a limiting bid or an audience size that is too small. If you're using automatic bids, I bet you're not getting enough events through to those.

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