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I'm running Facebook Video Ads (PPE, ViewContent, At To Cart and Purchase) with 5$ daily budget since 2 weeks and had more than 900 Visitors (70-90 Visitors a day) . I make just one sale and not more. 

Could you guys help me what is wrong with my page or what could I do better? 

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Hi qwertz3,


I see your store is most likely a dropshipping store. With dropshipping stores, there may be a number of reasons you may not be getting sales.


  1. Your products are either saturated, no wow factor, priced wrong etc
  2. Your Facebook Ad targeting is incorrect and the interests you are trying are not working
  3. Your Ad creative is not a scroll stopper and isn't engaging the audience 
  4. Your website is not showing a very strong trust factor (Reviews which is huge, trust badges in the correct places)
  5. Your website is not very appealing (introducing new fonts at random places, color schemes are off, the store name doesn't match the products being sold)

Taking a look at your website, I believe the latter 2 are a factor for sure, #1 is possibly a factor and I am not sure about #2 and #3 as I don't know the ad creatives.


Reevaluate these things and see if you can change these things up and fix them.

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hey @qwertz3 

the store looks kinda like most of the dropshipping stores out there. you might want to work on the layout of the homepage. The product pages look fine, maybe add more details about how the shipping mechanics will work.

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've taken a look at your, and while you've done a really great job there are some obvious things that hit me. 


  • Who is your target audience? It looks like you're trying to appeal to a very wide demographic with your product choice, which leads me to question how you can market this business effectively. 
  • What is setting this business apart from all the other businesses? Whose problem are you attempting to solve? I'd like to see some marketing personas for your business. 
  • I feel like the site isn't build to meet the needs of any particular audience. So when you have your visitors you're finding it hard to retain them. One good way to establish your business and its mission statement is creating a great About Us.


You could try to install a heatmap app, like Lucky Orange, on your site to see how customers are behaving and where they are clicking off. 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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