Visual Soft to Shopify Migration of existing Google Ads Campaign Merchant Centre Feed Question

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Hi there, 

I'm currently working with a brand migrating from a Visual Soft website to a Shopify website. They already have Google ads PPC running mainly running on Pmax and Shopping campaigns through Merchant Centre. 


However, the URL structure will change when the new Shopify website goes live. 


Therefore, I need to make sure that the Merchant Centre is updated and reflecting the new URLs. I am concerned about losing any historical data from the old website and merchant centre as Google Ads will see it as different URLs even though the same products and on the same domain. 


The merchant centre feed for the old site won't work once migrated, can I have a separate merchant centre feed for the new site? Will I effectively have to start again or is there any way to tell Google that the old feed has changed and here's the latest feed but they are the same products? Otherwise, the Pmax will go back into a 6-week learning phase and concerned about losing historical data when we migrate. 


If anyone can advise best practise for handling this I would really appreciate it. 


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Historical data is linked to the product ID, making sure you can keep the same ID's would be your solution.

For example if you used SKU in your old field, then make sure in Shopify you have assigned the same exact SKU value, then use this app:


Which you can set the ID to use the SKU field.


First remove the old feed, then once the new shopify version is live, create the feed and submit it to Google. Never have two feeds active at the same time.


Make sure that you keep as much of the same data as possible, to reduce the risk for drop in performance.  Meaning look at the old feed, then make sure the new feed has the same data (except for the URL of course)


Even then, if you have everything perfect, you may still find there is a learning process.


Don't forget to setup conversion tracking and remarketing.

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