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I need more traffic and help with advertising my Shoes brand, I have a bunch of people ,I personally know buy, But it's hard to have a consistant income flow, any advice?
Thanks in advance


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Please share your store URL. 



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Assuming you've looked into SEO and PPC, consider posting about your store in relevant Reddit communities (subreddits).

Make sure to follow each subreddit's moderation guidelines so you don't get banned.

Consider setting up and running an email subscription contest to generate more visits and build your email marketing list for future use (sales)

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Hello ,

You're right, acquisition is key in ecommerce.

In that field as in many others, you'll need to invest some efforts and money:

- Use SEO: It's apriori free, but it takes lots of time (and you know that time is money) to be in the first page of Google. And the competition is incredibly severe.

- Use SEA: You pay Google (Google Ads) or Bing (Bing Ads) or Facebook (Facebook Ads) to redirect traffic to your site. Still here, the competition can be tough on some lines of business and you'll have to bid more than your competitors.
All these actors use PPC or CPA (cost per action) methods and so, if your strategy is poorly implemented, you could pay a lot with no ROI.


Besides that, you can also use affiliate marketing: it is probably the cheapest way to proceed as you will pay a fee on each of your sales (CPA).
You can also use your customer base (emailing campaign), but this demands to have customers who have already bought on your site.

You can also optimize your onsite marketing with email remarketing (send emails to customers who abandoned their carts).



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Hi there! You can try good keyword research in your industry to build a strong SEO and PPC presence. Bringing traffic to your eCommerce is awesome, but bringing quality traffic allows you to maximize conversions. A good trick to know is that you can search your competitor's keywords and use them to your advantage. See which keywords work for them, and which are more costly. 

What about running your Google Ads campaigns and get the right people? If you need help and support with your Google Ads campaigns, you can download our free app. Let us optimize your campaigns for you!

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Hi @coatsj56,

When it comes to marketing for eCommerce brands, social media activities seem to be valuable for an increasingly competitive industry like online retail.

Marketing on social media offers an effective way to grow brand awareness and bring qualified traffic to your website. The method includes activities such as posting content in form of text, image updates, videos, or other types to drive audience engagement.

Here are some tips:

1. Increase Shopify sales with popup promotions

After creating upsell bundles and discounts, the next step is to start spreading the word. Popups are a great way to draw your customers’ attention towards these promotions and offers. 

Some people believe that popups can be pesky, driving customers away. This might be true for those who are using them incorrectly. But when done in the right way at the right time, popups can lead to the conversion of 40%  of your store’s visitors into customers. All you need is the right Shopify app to increase sales.

pasted image 0.png

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model which helps to grow your business faster and stably. This marketing campaign allows merchants to connect with various affiliates, and then they will use their advertising sources such as social media channels, websites, blogs, etc, to promote your products. The affiliate commission is successfully recorded whenever a customer makes a purchase via the unique link or coupon associated with their recommendation.

As a large business Shopify store owner, you will want to overcome your competitors, gain more backlinks, more trust, more visitors, and more sales, and one of the best Technics to drive high-quality traffic toward your online store is through the affiliate program.

By using an app such as UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, some bloggers, YouTubers, or anyone with less to no marketing knowledge would want to join your affiliate program to earn a commission per sale.

Giants in eCommerce such as Amazon – who was the first to use the affiliate marketing strategy- rely on affiliate marketing to maximize their revenue, so why not you? UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is a potential recommendation for you. With simple clicks, you can run your own affiliate program and double your revenue at the less cost possible.

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 02.13.18.png

3. Give out free gifts

Many of the tactics suggested here to increase Shopify sales include offering discounts and deals, because we believe that this creates a fair win-win situation. But more than that, customers already go online shopping with the expectation of being offered  some type of deal. So, you should make sure your store doesn’t disappoint.

I hope my recommendation will be helpful for you. Be patient with your business and good luck!


All the bests,

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

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Hello @coatsj56,

When your customers search on Google, your product can be found only if Google has indexed the page. As your store grows, Google's crawl time for your store may remain the same. This means over time, less & less of your products are found on Google. 

Before you think of traffic you should ensure your pages are found (indexed by Google). 53% of eCommerce traffic is Search, far greater than Paid Ads & Social Media. flareAI helps to automate your sales on free channels. flareAI works every day for you, tapping into the world's largest free sales channels. Get your products found on Google, the world's largest eCommerce service with flareAI.

Hope this was helpful!
Gina M

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Hi @coatsj56 

I totally get your problem! With the rising competition online and in e-commerce, it is and will be harder and harder to stand out. Most crucial aspect of succeeding with an online store nowadays is combining marketing directly with sales - really think about where your potential customers are, who you want to target (age group, demographics, what other brands they buy) and then create a marketing strategy for your shop around this. 

The best ways to get more traffic to your store (of course, depending on your target consumer, as one size doesn’t fit all) is to use promotions and offers, social media ads and also from my personal recommendation use SMS marketing due to high engagement rates (for example, an excellent software solution is VertexSMS), and not to mention a very important detail - SEO - to optimize your page so it would organically come up in search engines for the customer to even find it. Make sure you have a good FAQ page on your store - for customers to easily find answers to commonly asked questions about your products or services (you can do so by downloading a free Shopify app HelpCenterApp to build your FAQ page in less than 10min!), but also because you can focus on FAQ page SEO to rank your page higher.

All of these combined would generate you a fair bit of more traffic, that would in turn generate more sales etc. 

Let me know in case you need any more information!

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Making Money Online Requires One of Two Things!

Deep pockets or talent and time.

Deep pockets mean outspending everyone else on advertising but to outspend everyone else you’ll have to be able to convert more than everyone else.

Talent and time is about being an influencer.

And to become an influencer and drive traffic and sales means putting someone in a state of flow and seamlessly moving from one platform to next, step by step, from goal to goal, while keeping them in this state of flow.

You start by joining some shoe forums. Get a quick list with a Google search.

You join some forums where your potential clients hang out and you talk about all things related to shoes.

You answer questions, but you never talk about your product, you just add it to your signature and ignore it.

You take your answers and turn the mic on your phone on and expand on it.

There’s your podcast now, submit it to all the podcast directories.

Add some images to it and now you’ve got a YouTube video.

Post those images on Instagram, Pinterest and what not.

Take the YouTube video and let YouTube transcribe it for you and turn the text into a blog post and the video post it on a custom designed landing page.

Create a trailer from the video and post the trailer across all the social platforms and link those posts back to the landing page where you’ve got the YouTube video.

Now the landing page has the video and an option to exchange your email for an ebook.

Just to make a note, you're not giving them anything … they purchase it with their email address.

Let's back up for a second …

To make this work you have to be able to keep someone in the state of flow.

This means no unnecessary delays.

Google discovered that 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take 3 seconds to load.

Google also limits the number of crawlers if your site is slower than two seconds.

All it takes is milliseconds to snap someone out of the zone.

Google said your site needs to have the first content paint in under a second and be fully loaded in under 2 seconds.

And while I've not personally checked, I read an article where the author claimed to have not been able to find a website that took longer than 3 seconds to load on the first page for the search results.

And that is who you should be comparing your times too ...

Compare your time to the times that currently rank on the first page for the keywords you're wanting to rank for but also understand your job ...

If you look at all the businesses that are currently disrupting industries, the one thing they all have in common is that they're trying to save us time.

Speed outsell everything.

You can have a car pick you up in five minutes.

A pizza delivered in 20 ...

Groceries in 60 ...

Answers to any question in 0.3 seconds because at 0.5 Google saw a 20% drop in traffic.

Friction is anything you put between someone and the completion of a task. It can be anything from waiting for a website to load, to a pop-up, or even having to clicking to find a product.

Friction equals time and time equals money.

So you are in the business of removing friction, which means making things as fast and easy as possible which in turn saves you time and money.

And the best place to get some free traffic and improve load times is with your images.

Make sure all your images are the correct size and are not being resized in the browser.

Resize all of them to their correct size and optimize them for speed.

Done correctly you’ll start getting traffic immediately.

Name the folder your main keyword and every image a keyword that best describes the image, has buyers intent, and traffic and the time it takes to optimize the images will more than pay for itself.

Now share those images across the social media sites and link them back to the appropriate landing page.

And then optimize your descriptions with a call to action and use the 325 character limit because the idea is to rank the images, the site, and make it pay for itself day after day.

Everything you do, every picture you use and every comment you make should have a purpose, a goal.

If every page has one goal then this means no sliders?