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Wassup with Facebook Ads - misleading result reporting and billing?

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In early December, I launched two ad campaigns on Facebook. One was for a custom Christmas card set I was marketing and the other was for a set of 2018 wall calendars and daybooks I am still marketing.

According to Facebook Ad Manager, these campaigns resulted in 1700 adds-to-cart, and FB charged me $250 for a month's-worth of these ads, based on these results. 

Reality? Not one simge item from these two sets has been added to cart. None. Zero. No adds - no sales. Keep in mind that Shopify reports abandoned carts, so this is NOT a case of abandoned carts.

I spent better than an hour trying to find a way to communicate with FB about this discrepancy and came up dry. FB doesn't seem to want to hear from its customers.

Can anyone shed any light on this apparent scam?

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I️ agree 100%. FB turned to be a huge SCAM! I️ had two ads for 3 weeks, one of them is FB carousel, this ad drove almost over 300 (within 3 days)visits to product page with ZERO add to cart, the avg time was also ZERO here the the product page link,

not even 1 add to cart! How is that even possible! I️ think this is what is happening!! FB is losing their advertising market share for YouTube and google(Alpha) so they thought driving scammers to your website is going to satisfy advertisers so they keep advertising and spending hard earned money! 

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Really, How could it possible can you justify it.

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Take a look at the link, the landing page is a converter one. I️ sold many orders through SEO using the same landing page! So clearly the problem was not the page, that leaves us with the quality of the visitors and I️ was targeting females with age range 20 - 34 and I️ used also behavior and interest targeting. I️ even targeted people who are interested in same products. The results were over 300 visitors, Zero avg time spending and zero add to cart.