We can email our customers who did not opt in to "accept marketing" but HOW DO WE?

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Hey everyone! New angle on an old quandry here.... : 

So in Canada we have CASL, with which we are legally permitted to contact ALL of our customers for two years after we transact. we've upgraded our email marketing game recently, but, in the past we were not working as effectively as we are now at collecting our customers to opt-in to our marketing list in MailChimp.... 

We've tweaked our touch-points to be far more conversion capable.. and it's working well now.. much better.... 

BUUUUT, we have 2 years worth of people who never really had our more conversion friendly exposure to our invitations to come to join our marketing list in MailChimp as we do now.... We didn't leverage all of our transaction touch points like we do now... 


How do we email all of our clients and invite them to our newsletter, now that we have an awesome and regularly sent newsletter?

I can export all of my clients who have not opted in to 'accept marketing' but I don't want to go outside of the ecosystem, like outside of Shopify or MailChimp to interact with them and invite them to subscribe.. 

can we add a 'transactional email' to shopify and contact them that way? 

what is the best way to do this and take advantage of CASL legislation in Canada which explicitly permits contacting customers who have transacted in the past 2 years?

I need to send a very short message with a link to join our newsletter list and I'd rather not export a list put it into gmail and email them one at a time.. unless I REALLY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.. 

I really hope there is a solution that speaks to this CASL policy governance and I'm some how a dum dum looking for the answer in the wrong with way the incorrect search criteria.. 

Let me know what you think smarty pants people ! Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!





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Hi ENBertussi-

Mailchimp has a shorter window - only one year after transaction, so it is not as long as the two years of the Canadian law. I would not attempt to contact these customers via Shopfiy as a transational emai. Although you may find a work around to get consent, the likihood of getting a strong response rate from customers who have not engaged with your brand in two year is not that great.

If this was my list, I would upload it to FB and target this audience to try and reengage them with your brand. You can also run an email capture campaign in FB if you want to get them reestablished. This way you can get them warmed up to your brand again without violating any email rules. 

Hope that helps


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