We need a serious help facebook ads

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Hi everyone.

I am reaching out as we are struggling to get sales to our store. We've got more than 3000 store visits in last month and a half and made just three purchases in total. (actually two as one is now in return process). We've tried to get some feedback about our store, and as a result, we purchased a premium theme and recreated the whole store from scratch.

I am now overwhelmed by all information about facebook ads. As different sources are saying different things. 

We've got a lot of view contents, but nearly no add to carts. So we wether targetting the wrong audience, or something is wrong with our store.

What we've tried:

We started with PPE ads as advice from Tristan Broughton's youtube channel. Setup PPE for an audience who like: Fashion AND dresses AND are engaged shoppers AND like online shopping +- some other clothing related keywords. We were focused primarily on North American women in age between 20-65+ who speaks English and living in the area. The primary goal was to get the audience of size 200-600k

There was even a product we've got more than 5.000 likes on PPE campaign. So when we duplicated ad-set into conversions, it all died, and people weren't visiting our site at all but cost us much more for nearly no results.

Since then we ran about 50 different campaigns, trying different keywords and also different pictures and texts using sales, discounts, Claim yours now and other things like a smiles and so on, but nothing seems to be working. We usually set campaigns to $5-$8 per day ready to scale it if there will be any indication of success. Now we spent more than $600 for those three sales.

We appreciate any help as we think we do not understand our audience and do not know how to find the right one.

Our shop is diodee.com


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Hey Lukas,

to start with, I see a serious issue with your navigation.

When you are at a product like this:


try going to the menu and clicking Dresses / Mini Dresses

I couldn't. So this is pretty bad and frustrating.

When there are visits, but there are no conversions, not always the audience is bad, it could happen that there are issues on the website, which you do have, and a very serious one.

Another issue I see, your website seems to be just a "catalog", it doesn't explain anything about the clothes, who you are, why should I buy from you instead of from someone else, and etc etc etc. There's not a blog even, or the site was that bad that I did not notice it.

Do you have a newsletter? 

There's lots of room for improvement. If you fix all that it's a great start, then you can go work on ads again, but now, ads will be a total waste like you realized.

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Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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Thank you for your feedback. You are absolutely right with the menu. Tested it myself now and it really needs to be fixed. However, this particular issue won't be the reason why we are not converting, based on videos from lucky orange all traffic except my wife and me when we working on the web is from mobile devices where a different menu is displayed (it is the same menu but displayed on a side).

With the blog, it might be a good idea. We haven't been even thinking about it as we are trying to copy the most successful fashion stores in a way they do it. Maybe that's wrong.

https://www.twosistersthelabel.com or like https://www.fashionnova.com/

What I do not understand is this website, for instance, https://www.dielliim.com/ it is absolutely terrible looking, they haven't even changed pictures, titles or descriptions from aliexpress and they are making more than $20.000 a month (could be checked on exchange.shopify.com)

And yes we do have a newsletter, but we have just 31 subscribers to send it to.



To be honest, I haven't tried that yet, have an account ready though. As I said, we are new in marketing at all. Everyone is getting a lot of success with Facebook so we haven't even thought that other solution might be better without mastering this first. But we are obviously wrong.

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Hi Lukas,

The key to ecommerce success is to get the 3 foundational elements all working together: initial awareness, retargeting and loyalty.

I have 2 suggestions

- run your retargetting to tablet / desktop

- improve mobile experience: your header / logo takes up half the screen, your add to cart button doesn’t stand out and I get annoying Android messages about allowing site notifications.

Hope this helps,


P.S. The terrible looking website you mentioned is also very cheap...