Website does not show up on google

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When I type in full business name I can see facebook page, yellowpage, mapquest, etc EXCEPT the actual business website. The more I read about SEO I get more confused. I'm having hard time understanding even with the most basic stuff, like putting title and meta description. I don't know how and where to use H1 tags.

What I did was:

On Shopify admin page, I went to Online Store --> Preference and put title and description in the space provided. I have no idea how they appear online since I can't see my website on google. There are some minimal sales, because I pay for google ads. But that's about it. Should I copy and paste the title and description to all pages and collections?

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It seems like your site may be penalized. So make sure you check the webmaster messages to confirm if your site is penalized or not. check the manual penalty in Google webmaster without fail.

one more thing you can do is to search homepage directly in the search

eg: ( search for this and if your site doesn't come #1 then there are chances website is affected.

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I m also facing the same problem and thanks for sharing the useful Knowledge

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Now I can see that your website is coming in google for domain name search. And by doing a site search it is clear that most of your pages are indexed. 

You need to be more thoughtful in writing page titles and meta descriptions for all the pages. Currently they are looking very similar to each other.

Do a proper keyword research and include important KWs in page titles and meta descriptions.

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