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Hi Everyone, 

I was hoping to get some feedback for my store I recently rebranded and have been working on my seo with apps and research. I have not received a lot  of traffic to the store and wondering how else I can improve SEO. Can anyone take a look at my wesbite and see if there is any improvement I can do to grow traffic cruelty I get 35-48 a day? Any suggestions are welcomed! 

Adveritsing tools and apps


social media etc 




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Hey Jeanette,

I actually have a client that sells in the niche wedding and party related fashion industry, so the customers would be similar. I will take a look at your site and send you all of my suggestions. Keep an eye from me at



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From what i've seen of your site.

First it is really really good! I like the design, it's bright, beautiful. It is really inline with sites within your niche, so it looks like what the customer would expect.

From your site, I would imagine it would be great for Pinterest. Have you made pins that link to your products from there?


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thank you I will check my email. 

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Yes we have pin all the items to pinterst and have buyable pins. 

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Hi Jeanette! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your website looks excellent, one of the best ones I’ve seen lately. I don’t think you should worry about it. I recommend increasing your traffic - the more people will see your website, the greater your chance of making a sale. Make sure to drive more traffic, and as relevant as possible. Please have a look at this video tutorial: How to Drive more FREE Traffic to Your Website.


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To drive traffic you have three ways - SEO, Ads (Google, Fb, Twitter etc) and Social Media posting.

Ads cost.
SEO is long-term.
So the easiest to focus on, and expect results, is Social Media posting.

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The site is really nice and you seem to be hitting the right marketing concepts.  It seems like you re-launched the site in February and had some sporadic blog posting in the previous years.

One minor SEO tip is when using images, take advantage of the captions and the alt tags to use your targeted keywords.  Otherwise, SEO is a consistency and patience game.  Keep posting, keep updating and keep using your targeted keywords in meaningful, context-appropriate way.  Also, as a category, wedding services is crowded and disaggregated, as I'm sure you know.  It will be tough to make an impact here, so lots of keyword research will be necessary.

Additionally, given the DIY nature of your business (if I understand it correctly), old fashioned, in-person or phone soliciations to others in the wedding services/planning industries may have a more immediate impact on your sales, particularly as your online strategies come together.

You may not have the budget for ads just yet, but even small campaigns on Google and Bing will generate some traffic and may have improved organic traffic value.  They will also yield some valuable intelligence about the effectiveness of your keyword choices and customer behavior.  It is even better if you can find some free ad coupons, which show up periodically.

If visitors are showing up and not converting, you may want to give PollCart a try :).  It gives them the chance to spread the word about your store to their friends while considering purchasing decisions.

I hope this helps.


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