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Hi everyone, 

It seems that the most common question in the forum is - how to increase website conversions / I have traffic but no sales. 

Traffic is just one component of selling. On an average, the website conversion rate is anywhere between 1-4%. But this is also subject to everything being perfect on your website. This article elaborates the things that you need to have on your website to increase conversions: 5 must-haves to increase conversions

I hope you all find this helpful. And let me know if you have any questions. For tips, you can also go to Seller Success Facebook group

Happy holidays 🙂

- Akanksha
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I'm so glad you were transparent about a normal conversion rate in your thread.

So many store owners really aren't sure what to look for expect, and if they were, I think it would help people be more realistic about how my much traffic needs to be generated for a 1-4% conversion rate to provide a full time income.

This article on 25 ways to promote your online store is a good source of free & paid strategies to help you promote your online store. I think it's a strong compliment to your post, as without that front end traffic, there's really nothing to convert.



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