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I apologize in advance as I am not very tech savvy.  At some point, I was able to activate a service where when someone is on my website, there is a little pop up that asks them if they would like to subscribe to notifications from my website.  It's not an app say for asking people to join my mailing list.  Just a small generic pop up that I've seen on other sites in the url bar to allow notifications.  


Can someone explain what these notifications are and am I able to control them?  If so, how does that work?


I appreciate your assistance in advance,



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Hi, @Aylady !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is great with you.


That's no problem at all, I would love to help you out where I can. Pop-ups can be used for a number of different functions: to show recent sales on your store, for banners, coupons, page promotion, back in stock notifications, and more. They can be a good way to engage with your customers, and helpful once you have defined your target market. Having this predefined will help you to determine the best way to engage with your audience. 


Do you have an idea of the types of notifications that you would like to offer to users on your store? Usually storefront notifications or pop-ups would be added by using an app. You would be then able to manage these from within the app interface, or app settings in the apps section of your Shopify admin.


We have a selection of these apps available here.  Though some specific examples include:



If you would like to add the exact notifications that you had previously, if you could then share your store URL with me, I can then check the app installation history of your store. This may help us to track it down for you. Or alternatively, you are welcome to browse some of the apps above. Each app offers a demo store for you to see it in action, and a free trial for you to test the apps out on your own store, before committing to payment.

I hope this helps, though do feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.




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