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Hi, i hope all are fine. I am facing a issue in my website. Issue is that my website posts are not indexing in google search engine. I have published so many posts on my site 카피툰 . But still 2 posts show me in google and remaining posts are not showing me in google. Please guide me the proper solution of this problem. Thanks

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Google has not indexed your post. Possible this reasons could be:

  1. Your website is new, and Google hasn't had time to crawl it yet.
  2. Your site is not well connected to other sites on the web.
  3. Your site's interface layout makes it impossible for Google to crawl it.
  4. Check your Robots.txt file. Maybe it blocks pages so that Google is unable to reach them.

Examine these factors, as well as the items mentioned below, to boost your indexing:

Before that, first, understand what indexing is?

Google finds the website, reads it, and stores it in their indexes. Google shows your site/page when Google thinks your site/page is relevant for a particular search query. You must provide relevant content to improve your results.

So, follow below things to improve indexing:

  1. Your page title should be short and meaningful.
  2. Use proper and significant heading
  3. Provide valuable content.

That's it. I think it will surely help you.