Went From 10+ Orders A Day To 0 *Please Help!*

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Hey everyone so I am kind of stumped on what to do. I have a new store that has been doing very well, started a month ago and did over $10k in revenue which is insane. But it is kind of crashing down now.


2 days ago we went from getting 10 sales a day to getting 1 sale. Then yesterday we did 9 sales and had my highest ROAS day. Then today its back at 0 sales. And all this started when I started getting into Look alikes. Just launched engagement look alikes "because of viral post" and purchase lookalikes 2 days ago (purchase lookalikes yesterday).


Now I dont really know what is happening it is almost like FB is spending my money but is not showing it as much as it used to. The ads reset everyday at 12am (budget) to start another 24 hour period. And today it only spend $4 in 12 hours. Seems like its very slow.


I have been using only one ad because it went viral could it be because too many people have seen it and it is starting to fatigue? Could fb have put a limit on my account? What should I do?

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The first step is to get into your analytics. In Google Analytics, you can use the source / medium report to see where your sales come from. Work with dates from the top-right to see what is changing over time.


If you're only doing Facebook Ads, that doesn't mean other channels such as emails, referrals, social, direct, or even organic can't be driving sales.


Once you figure out the declining channel, then you can dig into what's going on. Ecommerce typically dies down this time of the year as people have made their online Christmas purchases and have exhausted budgets from BFCM.

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If you haven't already, I would recommend installing Google Analytics and track where your sales are coming from. Then if you are running multiple campaigns use UTM tracking to deliver specific information for any given campaign. This way you can run multiple campaigns and track the effectiveness.


Beside the obvious drop in budget and campaign, I would continue to improve your website. If you do have a live URL, please share so we can see.

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It is definitely not the website as we were killing it before. I am almost certain it is because of the holidays. Sales and traffic started to tank starting the 20th of this month. Everyday dropping more and more as we near Christmas and fluctuating up and down. Yesterday we got 9 orders with only 150 traffic and today we got 1 so far. Very all over, plus we spend like $300 in the last few days to only get 154 link clicks. Which is insane.


I am assuming Facebook is raising ad prices right now because of the increase in advertisers. And because of increased overload of advertisers customers are getting very tired of ads so they are less likely to click. So all this increase in advertisers and costs is tanking the numbers. What do you think?