What am I doing wrong?

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Hi! I need some help here.


I just released ads on Facebook yesterday ($8 CAD a day), and I'm reaching about ~900 each day with that budget. It's been a bit over one day of running ads, and I've reached 1,050 people who have seen my ad. Unfortunately, I've only had around 5 visitors from that ad that entire time. This is quite frustrating, and I realize that the beginning is always testing to see what works, but this clearly isn't working and I'm not sure what's wrong. Maybe since it's only been one day, I need to wait, but if I keep waiting, I will be in a profit loss when I make my first sale. Is it my website that's the problem? Is it my advertisement? My audience? I'm lost.


Ad link: https://mdvcollective.com/collections/boardshorts/products/lekker-boardshort

Ad information:

Potential Audience for this ad: 780,000 people

United States
Age: 16 - 30
Gender: Male
Language: English (UK) or English (US)
Placements: on pages: News Feed on desktop computers, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Explore, News Feed on mobile devices, Video Feeds on mobile devices, Right column on desktop computers, Instream Video on mobile devices, Instream Video on desktop computers, Instant Article, Marketplace on desktop computers, Marketplace on mobile devices, Facebook Stories on mobile devices, Marketplace Search on mobile devices, Search on mobile devices, Search on desktop devices or Groups Feed on mobile devices
People Who Match:
Interests: Surfing
And Must Also Match:
Interests: cardio fitness or Physical fitness
And Must Also Match:
Interests: Summer
Detailed Targeting Expansion: Off

Maybe I must change my audience? I have no idea.


Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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Dear MaritzDV,


Hope following suggestion will help you.


1. Run ads at least 20-30 days ($5/day) then decide the results

2. Run FB ads as per interest base audience

3. Do re marketing

4. Do A/B Testing

5. Also try Google shopping

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1. When advertising on Facebook, you need to run the ads at least 2-3 weeks to check the effectiveness of the ads. The Algorithm of Facebook is learning all the time and it needs to gather data to better optimize your campaigns. Moreover, if your Facebook pixel doesn't contain enough data, Facebook won't really know for what goal to optimize. My suggestion that if you don't have enough data about orders in your pixel, you should start with campaigns that drive traffic to your website. Once your pixel will have a sufficient amount of orders or add to carts, you can optimize according to those goals. 


2. The average CTR of Facebook is 0.5%-1%, so getting 5 clicks from 1,000 visits is not such a bad result.


Nevertheless, I would recommend you to use an app like AdScale to run your Facebook campaigns. It uses AI to automatically create and optimize your ads on Facebook & Instagram. It also updates your audience targeting and constantly improves as more data is collected.


 You can see how it works in this video:

AdScale is the best way to advertise on Facebook & Google because we use the power of your store data (that they don’t have) to run highly targeted ads and get an average ROAS of 10X.