What are some Reason That cause abandoned checkout

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I have a high abandoned check out  rate I don;t know why people abandoned , I offer free shipping and no tax, No any hidden pricing/

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Hey Zachary!

Hidden fees and high shipping are a big reason people abandon their carts, but there's lots of others. On average, around 65% of carts are abandoned. I wrote an article about some of those reasons, and things you can try to do to lessen the abandoned carts. You can check it out here https://medium.com/@neatshift/run-your-shopify-store-like-a-science-project-4-experiments-to-reduce-...

If nothing else, it might give you some perspective on your abandoned cart rate. A high rate is typical. How far are visitors making it through the checkout? If you're getting contact info, follow up emails can help quite a bit too. 

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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If your website visitors find your site's navigation to be overly complicated, that may be one of the reasons for something like this to happen. Make sure your site's menus are not complicated and there are no outbound links that actually take your customer out of your website. Test your payment gateway to ensure there are no glitches that customers experience while checking out products. 

Try using a heat mapping and screen recording tool on your site to view the recordings of your website visitors. This will give you a better insight into your visitor's behavior. 

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Hey Zachary,

This is Majid, Shopify Partner and Founder of Free Abandoned Cart Recovery app, CareCart.

There are many common reasons for abandoned ccheckouts and orders such as;

- Unexpected tax and shipping charges at the time of checkout

- Customers are concerned with your payment system security or your website in general.

- They are just window shopping or making a price comparison ( price + tax + shipping that's why they proceed to the last page.

- Guest checkouts unavailable

- Limited payment options

- Limited shipping options

You might also find thi resource useful - https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/reasons-for-an-abandoned-cart

So even though you have free shipping and no add-on cost, there are other areas to look too.


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Hey dude, 

A lot of folks have mentioned some valid reasons for possible abandoned carts above, but I figured I'd add a couple more: 

  • The preferred payment method for your visitors is not supported
  • Free + Shipping promotions - i.e. promotions in which products are given away for free but are charged for via shipping fees instead. 
  • Shipping time - Some customers might want their products sooner or immediately. 

Don't be discouraged though. You can recover as many as 10-20% of your abandoned carts as recovered sales. All you have to do is re-target them with an effective campaign. Shoot them a discount or freebie via email and see how that goes.