What are the best strategies for multiproduct marketing?

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Hello guys,

so I own a store that sells multiple products that are associated with one another but I don't have a lot of money to spend on each product alone. Is there a way to promote multiple products at once?

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@JordanM advertise with Carousel ads and use cross-sell app to sell multiple products and make good revenue from it.

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A company has a wide range of products that work well if the buyers of one product are probably the buyers of other products of the company. Sign in to sell software to 37 businesses. When music producers launch new products, there are a number of marketing opportunities that limit the amount of capital available and ultimately affect the company’s position.


When Google developed new products, they already had a solid foundation in place. This is definitely bigger. For example, Google has its roots in web applications. They have dedicated themselves to the development of this tool - it is better to use it for free on other products.

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If you want to create google search ads really easily using specific ads for all the products in your product feed, we created a tool that could help you. aori.com/ecom-tool 

Basically, it will create a specific google ad campaign with the name of your product in H1 of your Google Ad and automate the setup. So if you have hundreds of products, you can create 100 ads in just ten minutes. This takes hours in Google. 

Feel free to message me for details and I'll explain more 🙂