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What are the best tweaks you've made to YOUR store?

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Most of the threads here tend to people asking for specific advice on their stores, or advice on issues that they're dealing with.

What's the best thing that you've done for you store? What's a little tweak that went a long way in boosting sales, hits, clicks or anything else that you measure? What surprised you? Does SEO really help? Did adding a slogan improve your sales?

I don't want to keep giving advice and suggestions without knowing whether it's actually helpful! Haha. Cheers and love.



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Nobody? I guess I'll go first.

I don't have a Shopify store myself, so maybe this might not be completely relevant. I started my t-shirt business entirely on Facebook. (It's a small operation, for love rather than for profit.) The best thing we did was reach out to our customers- we asked them for their input on what they thought would work well.

Specifically, we ran an informal contest where we promised a free t-shirt to anybody who could come up with the most Liked slogan. That t-shirt is now a best-seller. Everybody wins!

That was pretty awsome. Wondering if there are other similar things you guys have tried that worked unexpectedly well. (Or didn't.)

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Hi Visakan,

We are beginning to see more and more of the type of marketing you describe here, - particularly on Facebook - whereby many small businesses are continuously offering small prizes in exchange for 'liking' and 'sharing'.  Your 'most liked slogan' idea is really good because it's a little different and more unique than just saying 'hey like and share these posts to win'. Enticing the friends/fans of your page to choose a slogan would have encouraged them to engage more than if they had just clicked 'like'. It's a win win for you and rightly so! Great idea!


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Hey Visakan

It's amazing how such a small change can have such a huge impact on traffic. From my experience, running contests on Facebook ecouraging users to 'Share' posts, links or images instead of just liking them has significantly increase our reach and the # of likes on our fan page. 

SEO is very important, but don't neglect PR. Our best traffic day during the first year of our Shopify site was the same morning a newspaper article was published about our site. This opportunity came from a cold call to the newspaper.

And finally, cross-marketing has proven successful. Parternering with websites that share the same customer base, but aren't direct competitors is a great win-win opportunity. Very simple but if they link to your site and you do the same for them, both of you will generate more traffic.

Hope that helps!


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