What are you looking for in a marketing service?

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I've been working with medium and small stores for the last three years and I was wondering what are small and new store owners looking for in a marketing service? Probably what most of you will answer is ''sales'' and that's fine, but what aside from ''sales'' are you looking for? An example could be something that's completely hands-off.


Over my three almost four years working in the eCommerce industry small store owners try to make anything that generates ''sales'' and forgets the part of building an actual brand that can help you build an actual business.


That's why I've been now focusing on building brands with organic marketing and not just on paid ads for sales. Even though I still focus the majority of my resources on paid ads building a brand is for sure something for the long term. That's one of the reasons I recently started a service focused on both brand building and sales through Pinterest organic reach and I'm still working on discovering where that 10% of Pinterest users that make more than 125k per year are.


If you have a minute take a look at my website and you'll find some good tips for Pinterest organic reach and I'll appreciate if you comment with what you think about it(things like prices, what you prioritize, etc.).

Working on generating revenue with Pinterest for my clients.
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