What are your biggest challenges in online branding and content creation?

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Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster here. 👋


I see a lot of questions about Channels and tactics - SEO, PPC, etc. but I'm curious what everyone sees as the biggest pain points for branding and content? How do you stand out online without a huge paid media budget?


I'm currently building a DTC presence for a manufacturer and since it's a small percentage of sales, there's limited budget.


Also, do you think brand and content will become more important in being less dependent on third party cookies?


Thanks in advance!

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For content marketing, you don't require big budget like advertising. Just create content create content about your products and post them on Social Media regularly. It will gradually draw eyeballs of potential customers.

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Hi @AngieJonesthis is Kate from the PageFly Shopify Builder team. 


A couple of things stand out when you're talking about the big challenges in branding and content. 


First, it's tough to make your brand unique enough to catch people's attention. You've got to find a way to stand out in a sea of online content. 


Then, there's the issue of keeping your brand consistent everywhere, which is super important but only sometimes easy. Also, creating content that keeps people interested is a big challenge, especially when attention spans are getting shorter. 


And, of course, figuring out if your branding and content efforts are even working can be tricky, especially when you don't have a big budget for fancy analytics tools.


Now, about standing out online without throwing a ton of money at paid media, there are some smart moves you can make. 


Organic social media. Find out where your audience hangs out and engage with them with genuine, interesting content. 

Content marketing. Focus on creating really valuable and relevant stuff, like blogs or videos, that speaks to what your audience cares about. Building a community around your brand can also make a huge difference. 

Get involved in conversations, connect with your audience, and create a sense of belonging. Collaboration is also a great idea. 

SEO is a slow burner but can bring great results in the long run, so don't overlook it. 

→ And don't forget about email marketing – it's a classic for a reason.


As for your question about third-party cookies, you're on point. With all the changes happening, brands and content are becoming more important. 

However, when you're working on the DTC presence for a manufacturer, especially with a tight budget, the focus should be on nailing that brand identity and understanding your audience inside out. 


Then, create content that adds value for them. It's about building lasting relationships and loyalty over time, rather than quick wins. Just one note, being authentic and consistent with your brand and content can make a huge impact, even if you're not splashing a lot of cash 😉


It was a bit long. Hope you reach the end. 



Kate | PageFly team



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