What are your tricks for niche products seo?

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For example, do you recommend paid ads vs organic ads?

What category are your products in and how do you determine what audience your niche is in?

I am still new to ecommerce marketing, however I am learning all the ways to boost my website.

There is so much nuances such as HTML h1s, h2s and stuff like key words which are super important. My site in particular ( www.sunsetcity.ca ) has many H1 tag on every page, so my plan is to rename all the extra ones to H2. Is there a better way to do this or a format I should use before doing this time-consuming task?


How do you leverage your exisiting social media audience to boost SEO for your website? Instead of linking to my site from social media, should I not link it and let people google my website? 

What other ways do you guys recommend to improve SEO for niche products?


Any examples or personal stories?


Thank you for your time!

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