What causes error messages during ad creation and submission?

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I get a strange error both in the process of setting up the advertisement and in the act of finishing it.  I have included screenshots for reference.


Error after submitting adError after submitting ad


Error during ad displaying on previewError during ad displaying on preview


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"Promoted Post Caption is not an URL" 


Check the data you've entered in the field! It may resolve the issue!

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There is no part of the page asking for a URL.  I have included 2 products that I am sure I set up correctly in the ad, but I did not input the URL manually but just selected them from the drop down menu. 


I have also followed the advice on the error message to try again later, but every time it says the ad is pending review then the screen resets and it gives me the same error message.


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Try to resolve this add an url not caption in the field.
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Thank you.

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Hi @Joker56,


have you tried creating the ad in FB Ads Manager? You can e.g. duplicate any other ad/ad set you're running and just change the settings (e.g. the image, URL and else).


Somethimes, there's a bug in creating ads and duplication helps. Or, yes, even trying it later also helps. 


Hope this helps!

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