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What do you do with URLs of Hidden or Deleted Products?

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I have two questions for those of you who are familiar with 404 Errors from an SEO perspective particularly: 

- Is it better to HIDE or DELETE products that we don't sell anymore?

- Is there a way to permanently delete those URLs and what is the best way to redirect the 404 Error pages? 

Thank you!
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Delete them and use use the URL redirect in; 

online store/navigation/URL redirects

If you haven't got many, you can do them yourself manually but its worth checking they've worked after each one. If you have allot there are a couple of apps in the appstore that do it automatically, I use transprter.

I sell alot of one off individual products so its definatly worth doing as the products that sell are generally the ones people are searching for.

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Thank you, Paul. I will check out transprter.