What do you think us influencing the Reached checkout vs Sessions converted ratio?

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Hi guys,


I got quite a low conversion rate, but what I'd be interested in as well what do you think is influencing the ratio of Reached checkout vs Sessions converted.


Here are my numbers:


Added to cart:           179 sessions (2.61%) 

Reached checkout:   190 sessions (2.77%) 
Sessions converted: 90 sessions (1.31%)


Those are the numbers for the last two months. Here's the web https://somavedic.com/


Thank you for feedback and opinions.




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Just a few notes if you don't mind;


 - Do customers often purchase more than one item from your store? If not, would it be best to take them directly to the cart page once they have added a product? You could always add a discounted upsell on the cart page.


- I'd remove the huge banner on the cart page as it is very intrusive, especially on desktop.


- On the product page, you don't mention that the product is excluding tax but on the cart page you do which could be a surprise to some visitors and force them to drop off.


- On the checkout page, your banner is not optimized correctly for either desktop or mobile making it look unprofessional, which may also cause visitors to drop off.

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