What features every review app must have?

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Our Shopify app has two main functions: 1. Review, 2. Referral on social media.

Regarding the review function, we've built a bunch of essential features listed below. I wonder what other features you expect to see in a review app? So we can prioritize them.


  • Collecting photo reviews via custom emails and "write a review" button on product pages

  • Showcasing reviews and star ratings on product pages

  • Moderating (reply, hide, etc) reviews

  • Importing reviewers from Ali/Express, other review apps, or a spreadsheet

  • Giving away rewards to reviewers

  • No impact on load speed of your website

  • Creating unlimited campaigns for collecting product reviews. Separate campaigns allow you to test different settings and rewards

  • Schedule the time to send out review emails

In case you wanna check out the app:


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