What I do wrong?

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Hello everyone! 

Hope you all are going well.

I have some problems with my store https://lilandlaya.com .

I don't know what I do wrong with it. 

I started to target usa( female, resident, 18-35 years ols, who likes bodybuilding, some fitness journals and personalities).

I only had one sale.

I then targetted France (18-35 yrs old, resident, female and fabletics).

I only had 3 sale since.

I am loosing lots of money.

Can anybody help me to figue out what I should do please?


Thank you and have a nice day 

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Hey there,

I think there are two big problems with your site. First, the pop up kept appearing over and over. Every time I went to a new page, the pop up was there. It's best to have the pop up appear only once. Otherwise, people will leave your site.

Also, are you using Facebook for marketing? If so, you may be better off using adwords. When people use adwords, they're actively looking to buy something. With Facebook, people aren't normally looking for something.

I hope this helps!


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Agree with Nostromo that Ithe pop up kept appearing over and over and it's irritating so work on that. and without analyzing the facebook ads data no one will be able to tell you that what mistake you did. 

Target the specific people only. Don't show the ads to irrelevant peoples. And Campaign Image and text matters a lot. So if you are newbie I advise getting it done by experts.

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Lilit, I have an app that helps you discover why your customers don't buy. If you want to take a look at it, let me know.

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Hi Lilit,

Guru Micah here to help!

I just want to start off by saying you have created an awesome website so far! I really like your detailed FAQ page, these seems to answer most questions right off the bat. Now one thing I noticed is that when I try to click on your “Catalog” in your navigation it seems to be taking me to the homepage. Not a problem, to fix this you would want to go into your Navigation and check to see what it is connected to.

Also congrats on your first few sales, those are always the hardest and you already have 4! Now with marketing it’s really hard to say specifically where the ads may be going wrong without completely seeing them, but there are a few recommendations I have that I think will help. Now depending on what time of ads you may be running whether it be Facebook, Instagram or even Google you really want to start of with low amounts daily to gather information. With Facebook for instance you can start with ads as low as $1 per day! The goal behind this would be to gather as much info on demographics as possible. Checking out this guide called “An Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecommerce” will definitely break down Facebook ads to the basics to make sure no steps are missed to make a complete and awesome ad campaign. Also don’t forget to install the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics as this is a great way to dive into and track your campaign results.

Now once you start gathering more info on your ad campaigns you will want to start to run A/B Testing. What this will do is start questioning why things are working and what you can do to make them better. Small things like call to action buttons or even the particular wording used can highly change the effectiveness.

Now yes making your own ads are a necessity but a great avenue to look at for your brand at the same time would be possibly looking into Influencer Marketing. This is a great way to target an audience that you know will be interested in your products. Check out this guide titled “The Beginner’s Guide To Influencer Marketing On Instagram” as it will help give an overview of this marketing tactic and great ways to achieve amazing results!

Marketing is a lot of trial and error but with some practice and research Lilit, you will rock it!

Micah Knight

Customer Success Guru | Shopify