What is a good CTR?

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I have an adset running on facebook and instagram feed. It is currently at 1600 reach with 15 link clicks. The shown CTR is 0.9% Given that it is a Picture ad and the Audience size is 20M. Is this CTR a good one? 

Also, for $5 day adsets what is the expected CTR for an image and what is the expected CTR for a video feed pos?



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Great question, with hundreds of answers. To find out industry standard CTR, I recommend searching for articles talking about it. As each niche, product, country location, bidding etc... will have different CTR's, so asking here will result in a lot of different answers. So reading research article may give you your answers.

However, I recommend not to rely on these and have a different mindset, try to improve your ads constantly to increase the performance and to ensure your return of investment is profitable. With this in mind, what is an industry standard, does not really matter.


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For most eCommerce getting a 1% to 2% CTR is good. That said we've gotten well over 5% to 20%, of course this is not going to happen for everyone. 

Also becareful with where your getting your clicks a  higher CTR under audiance network won't mean as much as they're not likely going to convert to sales. 

Ultimate CTR is useful but what really matter is your CPC and CPA (Cost per Aquisition), because you can have a high CPC if your CPM is really high even if you have a realy good CTR.


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