What is CPC,CPM,and frequency and how to dicide that our ads has good data?

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i wanna know when using fb ads on performance and click there is option like cpc,cpm, and frequency. could u help me how to saw that data?

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CPC - cost per click

frequency - how often you ad displays for the user

did you check YouTube? There's a lot of free and detailed videos on how to read your ads data

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Hi @sani123 

CPC is cost per click

CPM is cost per mille

To get a better understanding, you can see at https://www.monetizemore.com/blog/adopsqa-understanding-cpc-and-cpm-pricing-for-publishers/

I hope it helps!

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Stands for "Cost Per Click," and is used in online advertising. CPC defines how much revenue a publisher receives each time a user clicks an advertisement link on his website. For example, a publisher may place text or image-based ads on his website. When a visitor clicks one of the advertisements, he or she is directed to the advertiser's website. Each click is recorded by the advertiser's tracking system and the publisher is paid a certain amount based on the CPC." https://techterms.com/definition/cpc


4 important things to note about CPC


Quality Score

Your Keyword Bids:



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CPC (cost-per-click):
 If you use cost-per-click pricing, you only pay when someone clicks on your Facebook Ad.

CPM (cost-per-mille): With cost-per-impression you pay when Facebook shows your ad 1000 times. (Impressions are the number of times your ad is shown to a user on Facebook).
Frequency:is the average number of times a user sees your ad


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