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What is ecommerce and ecommerce website?

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 eCommerce stands for Electronic Commerce. It is a broad term for selling on the internet through a website. With the ability to process credit cards electronically on the internet, just about anything can be sold on the web. More and more people are buying online and enjoying the benefits of convenience and often lower prices (still no tax in most states). Online stores are often able to reduce prices because they are able to eliminate overhead such as having to pay employees to run a brick and mortar store. In a busy world like ours, convenience is everything! Nowadays, over 80% of people have made an online purchase.


When customers plan their mind to buy something, they begin by searching it on internet. You may know that your website is your online display area, where your consumers can readily check out your offered products and look at all the reasons that it is right for them. An Ecommerce site would save buyers’ time, offers a variety of things to purchase and also reduces the annoyance of fighting through crowded stores. This capability which is shared with a fast checkout, payment, order tracking also fast shipping process wins the heart of consumers. A huge amount of time will be saved


An eCommerce website follows these steps:

1. A shopper lands on the website. The website shows categories and products that are loaded in the eCommerce website database.

2. A customer can add items to their cart and create an account. Again, all information is saved in the database, even if temporarily.

3. Once in checkout the website should now be secure showing a lock symbol and using an SSL certificate.

4. During checkout the website may use third-party software to get shipping rates

5. When you enter your credit card number the information is passed to a payment gateway such as PayPal

6. Your order is now completed. The eCommerce website should not have your payment information in their database. All sensitive information is stored with the payment processor.

I'm Eddie Nguyen, Digital Marketing Leader at Co-Well Asia.
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If you guys want to know more about ecommerce and ecommerce website, feel free to read here

I'm Eddie Nguyen, Digital Marketing Leader at Co-Well Asia.
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Today, buying on e-commerce sites is no longer strange, people need only one account to put products on commercial sites to sell. However, many management sites are still quite lax in understanding the situation when customers buy poor quality products, when customers contact e-commerce websites, they only promise and will not fix.

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Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce or eCommerce, is a business model that allows businesses and individuals to purchase and sell goods over the internet. E-commerce is present in each of the four major market segments mentioned below:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

E-commerce websites are online portals that allow people to buy and sell products and services over the Internet by transferring information and money. In the beginning, e-commerce was mostly conducted by emails and phone calls. Anything and all that a transaction needs can now be done online using a single website.