What is the best tools/apps for site tracking

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Hi guys,

I set up Google Analytics to track site traffic and conversion. But I want to track deeper. For example, there are a lot of products, banner, images and buttons in a landing page, I want to know what products or banners get the most clicks? Is there anyway to setup Google Analytics to track like that, or are there any apps/tools to do this.

I prefer Google Analytics or apps/tools in Shopify appstore, and not cost too much.

Thanks so much :)

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Hey Mike,

We use Mixpanel for our analytics. It's a comprehensive analytics tool with a variety of features. You can create different events for clicks on different banners, images and products. Mixpanel will track the complete journey of all your visitors. You can also create well defined funnels, carry out cohort analysis and even predictive analysis of your customers. They do have a free plan available as well.

Apart from that you can have different utm parameters for different buttons and simply track the visits on google analytics.

Hope this helps


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Hi Mike,

While Mixpanel is a great tool for event tracking - I recommend you use another tool that is already part of the Google ecosystem and completely free - Google Tag Manager.

It's a widely used tool that is not only used by most eCommerce stores I work with but is slowly becoming the industry standard in eCommerce if you ask me.

Through the use of Google Tag Manager you'll be able to use event tracking to track just what you suggested in your post. For example, you'll be able to see the traffic sources based on the events and not just the pages themselves.

Essentially - you'll be able to tell where most of your visitors who are performing events on your website are coming from.

One example I can spot right away is your email address which is probably your most important business goal right now as that's where all the magic takes place.

Do you know what traffic source sends you the most cliks on your email right now?

You won't - unless you set up event tracking in Google Analytics.

As for Karan's suggestion on tracking internal links in Google Analytics by using UTM tags - I highly would advise you to stay away from that. The reason being UTM tagging internal links on your websites will greatly inflate your amount of sessions.

This is due to Google counting a new session once the UTM tags are presented. I've seen loads of companies mess up their tracking thanks to internal linking by using UTM tags. Stay away.

In addition to the above I would advise you to install a heatmap solution to really get a good look at your visitors behavior if you want to learn more about them. Good luck!

- Captain Tracking

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Hi Mike,

You can try our app "Customer analytics" on Shopify.

First, we help e-commerce analyze their product performance: Do visit equal sales. What search keywords lead to orders, who made those orders. What pages/campaigns bring orders and who made those orders Which referrals bring most valued customers. Best-sellers, customers who bought them and other products that customers purchase together. Favourite categories and their customers.





Second, we also help you explore your customer's insights: When customers visit/revisit your site. What they do on those visits. Which categories they are interested in. What products they like. What pages they visit most. Which keywords they use to search on your website. Details about their visits' sessions. What referrals bring customers. Which campaigns that attract customers.

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