What is the best ways to Drive Traffic With Little or No Marketing Budget!?

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I'm 17 and have created a Dad Hat Business. I promote mostly on instagram and facebook, hence, it has been the main source of sales. In terms of paid marketing I have had NO success and have devoted myself to driving traffic naturally 🙂 Would love some inspiration on unique ways that could give a business an edge. Also if you see something that could help directly from my site feel free to hit me up.

Kind Regards,



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Hey, Mitch! 

Alex here, I'm a part of the support team at Shopify. First off, your site looks great! 

Organic marketing on social media is honestly a great way to get results, I'm glad you've been finding success with it! A few other organic, low-cost marketing options include selling in person at a flea market or craft fair (you can use Shopify POS for this on your iPad, iPhone or Android device), interviewing an industry influencer and getting involved with your local business community.

We go over this and more in our 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale guide, which is a great resource for driving traffic and marketing, even if you're past the point of making your first sale. I'd highly recommend checking it out! 

I hope this helps and have a great day! 

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Hi Mitch,

First thoughts:

  • You have a good no. of Instagram followers (2k+). Sweet.
  • Your reviews page takes a lot of time to load; almost seems like an error at first.
  • Your name is cool - Dad Hats; can be misleading also as you sell to teenagers/ girls it seems.
  • The same name - Dad Hats can be used very well for Father's Day which is coming up.
  • Try an app that shows the price in the currency of the viewer's country. You'll find in Shopify's Appstore.


Ok now, you are saying you have had no success with paid marketing. I have run fb ads for many startups and think that for you ads should work. I wonder which audiences you are trying. They should be highy layered, not just generally into caps and hats. Be sure to target by geo; you should get the best response from Australia itself since the shipping cost will be a deterrant for others. Test audiences of different age groups. Keep an eye on CTR as this indicates whether you are driving traffic efficiently to your site. Pause ads and retest with different audience/creative if your CTR is low.

Try audiences into other brands similar to yours, and with high tendency for online shopping/purchases. You will get this under 'Behaviour' when you define your audience. Try retargeting too. Use videos in ads, test.


Also, why should people buy caps from you, or why should they buy your caps? Think of 3 different reasons and test these. Example - Caps with funny lines, Caps for Dads specifically, Make Your College Outfit cool with these Caps, Back to School Caps, Wear It Like Kanye Wore (or T Swift or Kendall Jenner). These are some angles to test.

When targeting girls show a girl wearing the cap because the name Dad Hats may make a girl think this product is simply not for them. Once they realise it is for them, the name actually seems cool; Dad Hats like Dad Jokes.


In your case, developing a brand will help because then people will not just be buying caps, but buying into a brand. How? Write a deeper About Us, show who you are. Use photos. Use more media rich testimonials. Share some cool videos (casual, snapchat story types) with people wearing your caps. I think people would want IN on this then. 

I like the mood and brand Happy Moose Juice has created on fb. Check - https://www.facebook.com/happymoosejuice/


Promote your products on Father's Day. Your name just lends itself to this occasion. You can also do family caps; a set of 4. To create professionaly designed social media posts that show off your products, use OrangeTwig. Just plain cap photos are not that attractive, and one can totally scroll past these on fb.
It takes less than 5 mins to use this app. Just sync your store and OrangeTwig will automatcally create multiple posts for you (example below), and post these on all channels at a time you define:


OrangeTwig will also promote for you generally, when there are no occasions like Father's Day. It costs around $10/month. So this is the way to go with negligible marketing budget, plus ads with a sharp focus on testing towards good ROI.  Try OrangeTwig for free for 7 days.

All the best!

- Karan

Karan Jassar
Founder, https://Socioh.com
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See demo with your store: https://socioh.com/demo?src=sig
Learn about ads here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sellersuccess/?src=sig
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Hey guys if you are looking for more free information on digital marketing checkout my facebook page www.Facebook.com/JarrettBelliveau I have done a few million on online sales over the last few years and don't charge anything for my content. I got fed up with all of these coaches scamming you guys for $5000 for a program that "makes you money" so I decided I will post all of my knowledge for free for you guys! My back ends are all on shopify and I show all of my numbers! Hopefully this helps!

You guys are buying programs from people who haven't done anything. They don't show you thier numbers or anything all they do is rent a lambo and air bnb a house... Check out my page if you want some free content www.facebook.com/JarrettBelliveau 

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1) Blog

2) Instagram / Pinterest

3) Get featured on other blogs / sites

4) Youtube reviews

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Anybody that uses the word "hence" is all right with Dragon.

My question would be "Where's Mitch?" Your story of a 17 year old creating a business is a great one. You are the "face" of the company but I don't see YOU on the first page of your store.

The other thing I thought of was a reason, other than to buy clothes, for people to visit your site.

That might be something like "Dad Joke Of The Day" which ties in with your product which you could make short videos as Mitch telling the joke on Instagram, etc... etc... etc...

Here's some to get you started. https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/75-dad-jokes-that-are-so-bad-theyre-actually-good?utm_term=.qsN2Y...

Continued success brother. At 17 I was spending most of my time in pool halls. #seriously

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Well for 1, you're stealing people's designs. Friends logo, Cherry Bomb, Vineyard Vines, who knows what else. Not cool. 

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Hi Mitch,


First, let me begin by saying you have a lovely store 🙂

Now, here are some suggestions for improvement:

  • The name of your store is quite misleading. My first impression was a store selling hats to mature men. If your targeted audience includes also young women, I would advise changing it to something that reflects better the essence of your store, let's say "Funny cool hats" for example 😉
  • In my opinion, it is better to sort the products into collections (let's say by color/gender) so the customers can find easily what they are looking for.
  • Finally, please let me introduce our Catalog & Invoice Automation App, a powerful tool, which can help you to increase your traffic and conversion rates. When creating beautiful product catalogs with this App you can share them on social media and get bigger exposure for your products. This way people are getting to browse your catalog inside FB / Instagram / Pinterest, and when they see a product they like and click on it, it actually redirects them to your store. This way you get to expand your potential customer base and improve your SEO. It is FREE to try and NO CODING SKILLS required. The App also offers customized invoice features, including Product Recommendations, Thank You notes and Bulk Printing.

         For more details and download check out https://apps.shopify.com/zine-builder

        Good Luck 🙂


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Guy, 'dad hats' are a style of hat. They aren't meant for dads, that's just what they are called in the fashion community. They are popular amongst the younger streetwear crowd so he doesn't need to tailor his page to DADS because dad's won't buy them - millennialss are buying them. 


Anyways, the site looks decent. Someone mentioned above that you should tell your story but that could also go against you because I think I would be very hesitant to purchase anything online from a 17-year-old but maybe that's just me. Also, you're stealing designs. You may not get in trouble but just be aware that you're infringing on other people's intellectual property. 

If I were you I'd keep doing Instagram because it's free. Next, I'd purchase paid promos with streetwear accounts and meme accounts. You will get a lot of exposure but that might not convert but it will get your following up quick, typically you can do paid promo posts for 10-20 with accounts with 200k+. Lastly, I would probably look into automating your IG so it works while you sleep. You're in a competitive space and everyone and their mom is making hats so I'd stick with IG and possibly Pinterest. Send some hats to popular accounts and get them to post a pic and use their followings to promote yourself. 

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As a Artist & Designer myself, just letting you know it's super lame not to metion illegal to steal other peoples work and sell it for profit.

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Thanks for all the comments guys! All have been so helpful and I'll do my best to distribute them through the store. Also as I'm from Aus, I wasn't fully aware that I'd been infirgining on businesses and organisations property until of just now. I'll obviously have to remove all of these ones and source some more basic ones and produce some customs.

Kind Regards to everyone with feedback, negative and positive!


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Hi Mitch,

I know exactly how you feel in your frustration with acquiring traffic. We all go through this in the beginning. I started my own Shopify e-commerce site 5 years ago and experienced the very same thing. I tried organically and I tried paid search. Initially, I wasted hundreds of dollars a week on Google AdWords because I had no clue what I was doing. Everyone who said they could help me with SEO was far too expensive for me at that time.

Since I sold pretty High Ticket items like HDTVs and computers I was able to afford to run through the necessary trial and error with AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter ads to slowly gain an understanding of how it all worked.

There are two ways of attracting traffic to your site _
Organically - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Ads - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  

If you allow me to have a look at your site, I will gladly do a free audit and give you specific insights to help you improve your current situation.

FREE Audit           

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Hi there and all best wishes for success!!

It will come if you decide to spend long hours and if you forget that people can become rich just having a site and making sales.

What most of replies say here and on other blogs, comes to same conclusion that the 90% want to sell their own products and also to lure you in ecommerce and paying monthly fees for a site.

There is no way for them to make money if they do not promise big profits and that way persuade more and more people to join.

At the end of the day all is up to you.

Number one is the "product: - Find the right one

Then use the INSTAGRAM non stop- Go back to it - Build followers- Be sure, that the right posts will boost your sales IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PRODUCT - Hash tags too

Use Facebook Sales Groups

Use all free sites for selling and buying goods - Requires manual adding of ads but in the long run will help your sales

Keep using all FREE ways, there are heaps out there

When you start making some money, start trying some automation and using paid apps and programs

And at the end when strong enough financially go to paid words and pro advertising

There is not such thing AS EASY MONEY and GET READY TO SPEND LONG HOURS.

Again wishes for making many sales and do not follow the river, make your own way

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Hi Mitch and everyone else,

What I'm doing just now is reaching out to instagrammers and facebook/pinterest/twitter pages or via freelancer/upwork, to get affiliate marketers on board with a wide audience. You'll only have to pay them after you've made a margin this way 🙂

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Hello Karan, you recommended using video ads. That's something I want to focus on but, I have not been able to find a good resource that tells me how to do it. I need a video marketing strategy. Specifically, I want to know how to create product videos. Should I use Power Point slides with images of the product set to music? Or, should I use another software? Can you recommend a source where I can view some product videos? I have tried Youtube. I found some examples that might work.

As you can see, I don't know where to start. Any help from you and anyone on this forum would be much appreciated.



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Forum websites like Reddit. 


I made £1,403 in sales from £0 Advertising. 

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You can write blogs and promote it on social platforms. Make sure your site is optimised and offer some deals to get the customers.


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I agree... Once is fine, but now it's getting real annoying!!!