What is the cost of ecommerce website development?

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Having an ecommerce website that truly reflects your brand is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful retail business.So you need to set the right budget for your project, due to this the issue appears "What is the cost of ecommerce website development?"


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Hi @HelenHel 


A lot of aspects can be taking into consideration before being able to provide a quote for an ecommerce website development. It depends also on the business. Don't trust people or agencies that provide you with an amount without fully analyzing what you are looking for into your website. Store set up are pretty cheap, you can get some for $ 500 - $ 1000 and they are a pretty good start BUT to develop a very nice website with a strong identity, responsive (desktop & mobile), seo-friendly, with great configured app, customized functionnalities, etc etc, you can expect to pay a minimum of $ 5k + (for small business)


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You also probably know that no precise amount could be suggested. It depends on the platform and what are the requirements. It could range from $5 thousand to more than $5 million. Keep this in consideration when your initial development is completed, continue investing money, if you want to improve the functionality and experience of your online store.  

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Hi, @HelenHel


You're absolutely right. Having a website that reflects your brand's values accurately is an essential aspect of marketing your business and hiring the right Shopify Expert to design and develop your website is a great way to ensure that it's done properly. Depending on your needs the cost can run anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.


However, it is very possible to create your own website and brand that look professional, trustworthy and with great functionality  - that's one of the great aspects of Shopify - we make it easy to do this and help you along the way.


Check out some of these links that will help you achieve a professional website:


-How to Start Your Own Brand From Scratch in 7 Steps


-Themes For Your Online Store


- Hatchful Shopify Logo Maker


- Copywriting tips


How to Add Brand Personality To Your Store


Of course, there are many factors that will determine whether you need to hire professionals or not. In many cases hiring professionals is necessary, but it is certainly possible to build your site on your own. Don't forget, our support team is available to help 24/7, as well as the Shopify Community, here in the forums,  is a great resource for branding and building advice.

_Ash_ | Social Care @ Shopify
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