What is the minimum investment to start in e commerce?

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Hi I’m new to e commerce and I’ve been watching YouTube videos and asking AI questions for help. I’m having trouble trying to start my own thing. My question is what is the minimum amount of money required to start e commerce?
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Likely the minimum will be about $500. You can start with dropshipping, but you'll likely need to pay a few fees from shopify for your website, and you might want to run a few paid ads. You also might need to accommodate for any returns you get, and $500 should just about do all that for you.

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Hi @Mr_Kapowpow 
The initial setup cost for launching an e-commerce store could range between $400 to $500 for the first month. This estimate encompasses various essential components such as the Shopify basic plan, which is approximately $29 per month, domain registration costs, advertising expenses, basic SEO tools, and a few design tools to enhance your store's appearance... Subsequently, you'll also need to account for ongoing monthly fees that cover the continuous use of these services and platforms to maintain and grow your online presence.
The dropshipping model has lowest cost, you can consider about it. 

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