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What's best to run ads on first, instagram or facebook?

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So we are going to start off with a massage gun drop ship and we were wondering what the best place to run ads on first would be, Instagram or Facebook and why?


Is one more cost effective than the other to reach a larger amount of people?


Thank you!

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According to this 2019 article:


Advertising on Instagram for brands even outperforms Facebook by a factor of ten.


Is this true and still relevant in 2020?

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Here is my experience:

I agree that advertising on Instagram is much more insightful and creates an impact on the audience, therefore, you can go for it. However, before you jump onto ads, make sure you have created a superior quality content on the page because even if people visit your account through ads, the first impression is your Instagram content (organic) as well as your website optimization. 

The reason why I say that is because when people visit your page through an ad, it very crucial to hold them so that they can be further converted into a potential lead. Furthermore, they look for quality content.


I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more about this.


Thanks and regards,


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@johnnyscience There should be a big caveat to that quote about x10 FB. SOME brands might. The clear majority will not.

We have one client who we've grown to over $40k/spend a month at a 3x ROAS. The audience is prime Instagram targeting (young women) but ad spend and ROAS is equal across FB and IG placements. Most of our accounts are like this.

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Both are good to go with but to know which one works better, you should run ads on both platforms and analyze the results and then go with the best one.

we have done the same. Instagram worked for me but what works for me that works for everyone else isn't sure.


So it's better to run ads on both and after analyzing the results, go with the best one.

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Hi @johnnyscience 


Before you start promoting your website on any digital channel and spend $$$ in marketing first check  your website is correctly made keep in mind the user behavior.


Regarding Ads


All Digital Channels are Good keeping in mind THE PRODUCTS people sell and The Target Audience.


Feel Free to ask any questions.




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