What's the ideal affiliate commission rate without affecting my income?

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I am new to the business with only one product sold so far, I'm intending to use affiliates to boost traffic and increase my ROI.

My question is, how much is the required percentage commission that should be paid to the affiliate without hurting my income and at the same time getting good affiliate service?

Is it okay to have both different affiliates and influencers working for me at the same time?

Thank you very much!


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Hi @TADELE1080 


Using affiliates is a good source of traffic and leads. Affiliate programs percentages on average are varied between 5–30% and depend on your product/product category. For example, for beauty is usually 15-20%, jewellery 15-30 %, food/drink 10-20%.


It's okay to have different affiliates and influencers at the same time as long as you have budget and see conversions. 


Good luck with your store and I hope it will help.

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