What's up with my store?

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About six months ago, after trying two or three other venues, I opened my Shopify store (jaigieesephotoart.com). Selected a theme and then spent two or three weeks customizing same, and a like amount of time uploading and configuring my product line - which, to begin with was, basically, wall art - phtographic prints, prints of my own photos.

Once the store was fully confugured and populated with products, I began to investigate ways to market my work. I opened several sales channels - most were fits, one or two weren't. Then I researched and tried a few marketing methods - Google AdWords and Facebook ads, primarily - and to this, I added social media - promoted Pinterest pins, promoted Instagram ads, and a coupla others that never procduced and were dropped after a time.

I use Kit, although, after an initial flurry of suggestions, Kit has gone quiet in me. Kit stays quiet, Kit will soon be fired.

Now, since mid-October, I've created two wall calendars and two daybooks (day planners), all using my own photography. I have promoted these calendars / daybooks via Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Getting lots of likes and follows on FB and Instagram, and, over the past three weeks - something like 30 resaves of my promoted pins on Pnnterest - I'm getting two, three, four or more a day. Lots of folks like my products. I am rolling up an increasing promotion cost total to prove this.

Problem is, I've bunches of likes and follows, lots of pin resaves - but NO sales. Hmm.

Also offering photo-based note cards and Christmas. cards, with envelopes - and offering custom Christmas cards. Send me a pic and I'll build you a set of custom cards.

These items are very reasonably priced, generally less than similar packages offered elsewhere online. Profit margins are very thin. They are being received well. . So why isn't anypne buying them?

Oh, and I do NOT need any responses from those of you who're trying to promote your apps. I need solid answers and genuine critiques, please.

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Hi Jon,

I need solid answers - Well, in your case, did everything possible for promotion and nothing in sales, then you need to build a Brand.

Almost people Buy or Subscribe only from Well Known Brands or Popular Websites, to make my point more clear, you can start your own social network website (exactly like Facebook or Twitter) Right? there is tons of scripts like Crea8soical alike Facebook and has same features.

Now can you make a visitor register on your website or register at Facebbok? the answer is clear.

So, my point is to make your website or store a Popular Brand.

You have to ask yourself this... Why people buy from Amazon + eBay and not from me?

The answer if popularity, So my advice is to concentrate about building a brand, of course your methods are great, but not enough for that task: Making Sales.

You can try this:

- Street Advertising.
- Bus Advertising.
- Train Stations Ads.
- TV Ads.
- Radio Ads.
- Podcast Ads.

Also please consider...

- You have to offer solid help desk and live chat section in your website.
- You have to offer free shipping and returns.
- You have to offer discounts and special discounts for customers who bring other customers.

And there is tons of ways you can make your Brand Popular.

Hope you accept my decent reply, and i am sorry if mistaken in some points, But to becom Popular you have to pay a little or more extra 🙂

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Hi Jon!

My company and I specialize in the "psychology of customer BUYING"

I'm not going to go crazy into it that but here are some opinions that might help you figure your problems.

I think you should watch a couple episode's of shark tank first. and read some books on marketing. facebook and google also have free training courses.

Your main problem is you're in a very competitive DIGITAL market. Adobe, for example, has a website where you get digital prints for reasonable prices - stock.adobe.com and from photographers as well.

I think before you jump into ads you REALLY REALLY need a funnel. I looked at your Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is flooded with photographers with thousands of followers so you might want to invest in something like iconsqaure (It's not a Shopify app).

Instagram has a list of certified partners -> https://instagrampartners.com/

I'll leave it up to you to see if it will add value to your page. Your Facebook has less than 200 followers. honestly, you may just want to hire someone on upwork or fiverr.

AT one point when I click on the images on your page - on the front page items just turned into a gray box. (image uploaded)


Lastly - You really need to do research on your market find out why people should buy from you - find out who is doing good in the market and see what you can learn from them.

Also, do the Amazon test - Find out how your prices are vs Amazon.

And you really need to get a funnel - you want to have a successful business online you need thousands and thousands of followers, not hundreds. Because brand recognition matters.

I hope that helps out.