What's your opinion on my online adult store?

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I have an online adult store, at www.donacoelha.com in Brazil.
I have read and followed some of the ideas from the other threads that are similar. I was just wondering if anyone might have a chance to give it a quick once-over and see if they have any feedback?
Any ideas on pushing further than social and search advertising would also be much appreciated. Adult segment is trick!

Many thanks in advance!

Renan from donacoelha.com

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Hello Renan, I have had a look at the store and here are a few suggestions I have on how it could be better.

1) There should be sections for best sellers and the latest arrivals on the homepage. This would make it easy for customers to identify products from these two categories that will likely catch their eye.

2) There should be customer reviews on the homepage. This would help raise the level of interest and trust that customers have in your page.

3) Put an add to cart button on each product page. This would help make it easier for customers to go a step closer to purchasing products that they like and this will likely lead to an increase in sales in the store. You can download the add to cart button app here https://apps.shopify.com/add-to-cart 

I wish you and your business the best of luck!

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!
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