What valuable measurements are online stores finding in Google Analysis?

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With so many charts possibe, what measurements are online stores finding most valable? A retail gifts/art store also selling online. 


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Hi @BobSull, interesting question! In general, there are some metrics that most e-commerce businesses usually pay much attention to.

1. User

Or we usually call this metric with the name "traffic". It helps you measure the level of traffic to your site. Inside the Google Analytics dashboard, you can also see traffic is divided into different sources (social, email, ads, etc). 

2. Conversion rate

This metric helps you to figure out how many of your users buy something from your shop. In fact, not all users who were pulled to your website (through advertising, social media, emails, etc) would end up buying your products, which is why you need to measure the conversion rate from each of your traffic sources to find out sources that give out the highest conversion rate.

3. Abandonment rate

 To explain this metric shortly, you can see that there are users who come to your website and leave without doing anything on it, but there are also other users who actually add products to cart, or make it to the payment page but did not finish it. We call this "abandoned cart". Measuring this metric helps you monitor if there are any steps in the process that are putting your customers away from completing their purchases.


Hope those helps!

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Hi @BobSull,

Here are some of the measurements that people often overlook.

In my opinion, the 'time spent metric is the most indicator that your campaign or page is doing well! You could get a ton of traffic on your page but none that would matter if you're not getting enough time spent on it. This metric directly correlates to your site ranking, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

Another important measurement is the location of your traffic. Because junk traffic is not ideal for your business.

I hope this information was helpful! 🙂

Roshan Polekar
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Google Analytics insights can help you enhance your marketing, better serve your target audience, and gain more consumers.


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