What you have to know before launching a watch campaign on Kickstarter

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It is definitely not easy to build up awareness for new brand. Despite the fact that you need to handle tons of things to finally generate good results and make your brand a success. Here are 3 priorities you need to particularity focuses on:


1. Generate leads and convert them into actual purchasing

– Lead generation

Here, you need to take time to dive deep into your targeted audiences and create sales strategies. Bringing your watch in front of the targeted customers and generating leads eventually.

– Your own community

Setting your product apart from all noses and building up community based on the leads you got. Keep your audiences posted with news and progress of your watch development to make leads convert into actual purchasing at the end.

 Advertising properly

SEO landing pages, Facebook Ads and social media strategies etc. You keep building and collecting qualified leads for your upcoming crowd-funding campaign. Utilizing them to create a highly-targeted audience base quickly and efficiently. Drive them to your campaign and acquire as many customers as possible while spending as little as possible.




2. Manufacturing

– Setting up your supply chain for your watch

Finding the right manufacturing partner for your crowd-funding project is essential to a success outcome especially we are talking about developing brand new product from designing stage.

– 1/5 Rule on manufacturing

Looking for decreasing costs without ever sacrificing quality should be your ultimate goal in supply chain sourcing. Ideally, costs for manufacturing will only take up 20% of your funding if you work with the right oversea watch manufacturing partner.

– Prototyping

After sampling your product, you get to know exactly how much it costs and how long it takes from start to finish on bulk. At this stage, you are able to plan the campaign accurately in terms of rewards, time of delivering etc.

– Production run

Here, you will find the right partner that keep you very posted with the entire process to make sure units from bulk are up to standards and updating your backers regarding the development of the watch. Everyone is on the same page and there’s no unexpected surprise come out at the end.


3. Think outside the box

Launching a successful campaign isn’t the end of journey. Instead, it’s just the very beginning if you are aiming to building a everyone-knows brand.

Driving all the audiences from platform to your own official website. Making deal with retailers and attending related exhibitions etc. to scale your sales through every possible channels. Doing multiple designs for a series of campaigns launching. Those are the things you need to take care of.

From nothing to something, it’s a common path that can be duplicated as long as you work with a right partner and plan every step properly!

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