Whats Better? Seguno vs Omnisend

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I am looking to step up my email marketing game...mainly looking for automated email marketing. Seems out of the box shopify will only do abandoned cart emails....which I've been doing and seems to be working well.


I am looking at the two apps Seguno and Omnisend. Whats the pro's and con's of each?


I have about 750 email subscribers in Shopify and have an email list of about 9,500 in Mailchimp that I use for my newsletters. I currently use ShopSync to bring the Shopify subscribers into Mailchimp, but Mailchimp itself seems to have rendered itself useless in the way of automation, thus what brings me here with this question for advice.

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Hi Brad,


Have you got any clarity on your questions from shopify or other users? We are contemplating the same currently and we are using Shopify as well and want to make sure that we use e-commerce / Shopify friendly apps that is cost effective and highly rated.






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Hey! Did you decide which marketing app? I’m in the same position. I just installed Kit and also thinking of omnisend since it has SMS message marketing & custom sign up forms which is really what I need. And is cheaper than klaviyo. Thoughts?
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I think omnisend is better