Whats killing my conversions?

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We launched www.freshpawz.com on January 6th. It is doing OK, not terrible and not great. We are getting OK traffic, just now starting up a facebook ad's program with a budget of 800 per month.

But my conversions are low and Im not a fan of doing Sales. I'd rather depend on my wholesale outlets to move inventory before i start doing sales on my website. 

Just looking for advice to see if you may notice anything that could kill my conversions. I know my prices are a tad higher than most other dog accessory brands but my products are also higher quality. So im not willing to reduce the cost yet. I think if there was more traffic than it would increase my conversions. 

Last month i was at .5, currently sitting at .8. 

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Thanks so much for your input. I am changing the CTA on that right now.

Some items just sold out but I wil be bringing them back within 2 weeks.

Running some a/b tests and once more data comes in i'll be able to better analyze

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Thanks Joe!

We are using crush app right now and working on getting those speeds down. Thanks!

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Hi Cargnoni04

Just come across this post,  had a look at your site, looks cool. In a good niche as well.

I presume that business has evolved and things are moving along, I would like to draw your focus to list marketing and specificially facebook messenger marketing. I see that you have 1000+ likes which is a  good start, the key is though to engage fans/subscribers and so I would suggest converting these likes to subscribers, so then you can direct message them with new offers/flash sales, draw them to new posts.

Having a sign up on your website that is a PAW SHAPED BIG BUTTON that requires a single tick or comment without having to leave your site and go to facebook is crucial. 

Tie this in with a rewards/loyalty program that awards points to people who share, then it could have some merit.