When creating a Merchant Center, I get banned from Google Ads

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 Hi guys.

This is not the first time I have encountered this problem, and I just cannot get one step forward in this matter. I am trying to create a Merchant Center and immediately receive an email from Google Ads stating that my account has been blocked "Your account has been blocked Your Google Ads account 496-515-6035 has been blocked because we detected suspicious behavior in your account's billing activity. As a result, your ads will no longer appear on Google or our partner sites and you will not be able to create new accounts. If you believe your account was blocked in error, please file an appeal and we will review it. " 

If without the Merchant Center, then Google Ads works fine. But when it comes to creating the Merchant Center, I get such a ban, I can't figure out what the problem is?                                 

PS: I am not in the USA, I am in a country called Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia. There is a suspicion that Google ads are blocking me due to the fact that I am outside the US because I pay with my local card, but then the question arises why Google ads allow it to run for several days, and it is banned after how I want to create a shopping mall I am tearing my hair out and cannot find answers if anyone knows the solution to this problem I will be very grateful. All peace and kindness with respect Aibek Zakirov from Kyrgyzstan

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