When selling shirts should you show the faces of models or cut off the face and focus on the product?

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Had a huge debate on this with the branding agency we worked with, we liked the models, they said it would detract from the product. What do you guys think? Check out what I'm talking about at Baseballism.com.
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Ok, I have to be honest. I read your other question first about the website review. I didn't hop to it yet but I did check out the store. The 1st thing I said was wow those chicks are hot even if I can't see their faces.... then I noticed you have several models and I thought were did you get all those people to pose for you. Next I came to this posting..... Now I understand you hired a company. I like what you have now don't add the faces. (my opinion) Also I don't know if you're looking for a big company feel or small company feel but you might ask that company to limit to a couple models total like 1 or 2 of each man or female if you want a small company feel because the more models you have the bigger and more expensive your product might appeal. I could be wrong but only speaking from what just happened....lol. Your store rocks and it looks like you are on the right page for sure!! The only other thing is maybe... the top wood banner is sort of whited out. I know it matches with the theme of your store but was wondering what it would look like if it was more true warmer color like a Louisville Slugger. Overall I love the store. Happy Holidays!! Jon - PlaidGoat.com
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You need models with heads... Just look at the following sites... Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap they all have heads on the models...
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I think it depends on the site, your site could work both ways. But i think it would be better to have faces, as i cant stop noticing the heads are cut off. Its distracting... Plus, you got those great people to model for you, they look like they have nice faces so you may as well show em'!
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I love seeing faces 🙂 It creates a human-to human trust effect you can't give up! But, their not always good for your site... trust your gut! Brandon
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Jon I got the models off craigslist, my budget wasn't built for hiring models from agencies that cost us 180/hr. There are good looking girls out there who aren't models. Really appreciate everyone's feed back. Travis
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I would say show the face. If you have a good looking model, it only makes your product more appealing. Btw, thanks for the craigslist tip! Carsen
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I agree with the comments above. It makes your product human and helps the end user get an idea of how it could look on them. In my store I have just the tee and then a few candid shots with models. Prospective buyer sees both.
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Must have faces. Your product is clothing so your presentation should be models in clothing who represent the spirit of the lifestyle your line represents. IMHO your clothing should should be represented in full expression. Not sure who your ad agency is but you should fire them immediately. They're advice might apply if you were selling gadgets, shoes, or even watches. If so, then use a foot model, hand stand in or blue screen! Your presentation should capture a lifestyle, emotion be it attitude, grace, rebellion, complicity - whatever. Certainly not half alive mannequins. That's my two cents. Hope it helps.
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I think you should show the face of models so that it makes your shirt more appealling to your clients

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