Where can a Dating / Relationship Coach advertise... get the word out?

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I have over 300 YouTube video's, 

Post on:


2 twitters



Facebook biz page

200+ Blogs


I've been in Business over 20 years and it's harder now to advertise than ever... 


Facebook / google will not let dating / relationship coaching sites advertise on there.

I know because I have been working with google last year and recently the last 3 weeks... 


Facebook and Google have key words that they won't let you use such as Dating. Yes the word dating makes a red flag go up. And they won't allow it. Also words such as Relationships, Love and Romantic Seduction... 


Since I have been getting rid of these key words over the last year my conversion rate has died! 


Its' a course on Love and Communication. Unfortunately those words do not trigger sales for men. 


So is there any where I can advertise for Dating / Relationship coaching that is not so strict on the wording or images.


The image below, both google and facebook rejected saying they are too adult content.


Where can I advertise that will be successful for a Dating / Relationship coaching biz? 








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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, Mike!

Morgan here from the Social Team at Shopify.

Thanks for reaching out on the forums for some suggestions on getting your brand out there, when dealing with all the online advertising restrictions. After reading some of the struggles with paid ads, keywords and issues surrounding content that explains your business, I wanted to suggest another avenue to try.

I see you make Youtube videos already, which is great! However, I think the key to success here and to use this as an advertising/traffic generating platform is to create content that can be shared on all social platforms that is "viral" in a sense. Creating bits/skits that people are inclined to share or tag friends in, that doesn't directly unfold as an advertisement for your business, but more so an enjoyable content piece that's on topic where men and women can redirect to your site if they want to see more.

For example, Youtube channel/creator agency Jubilee does this really well. This video is a great example of something that would be on brand content for you that is a bit silly, and on topic with todays society, and is something everyone could relate to. This video has 19,000,000 views!

If all goes well, creative content can be shared on Facebook and Youtube to gain traction with the hopes of organic shares. This will take away the pressure of being within the paid ad guidelines, and will likely bring more people to your site just out of curiosity to see what it's all about. Being very literal in you content can sometimes narrow your audience too much, and not have the capacity to become "viral".

I recommend also going through this TED talk on viral videos, and how you can reverse engineer viral content. You can also get a hang of this idea from the "Justin Bieber eats a burrito sideways" example. Although not quite on topic for your brand, the video on how that was created can be applied to many scenarios including brand advertising. Although this direction of advertising is very out of the box, it might be an avenue worth trying when your product is turned away easily from traditional online marketing options.

Let me know if you have any questions, or ideas on this. I'd be happy to chat more!


Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thanks Morgan.


Those videos' were Great... Gives my brain an idea of what direction to go in.,.. 

I'm definitely not at that level when it comes to creating video's but I do get the overall idea

of being more creative, colorful, etc... 


Thanks again, Mike Kollin

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Hey Mike.  Another thing to look at too, Is think outside the box like Morgan said.  Don't advertise your books.  Don't advertise your services.  Advertise Free Blogs.  Advertise that your looking for Pseudo Writers who write about their experiences.  Right?  Your not advertising a Dating site.  Your advertising a Place for people to talk about their opinions on "Going out to meet new people and see where it leads", how its changing, and their experiences.  Google and Facebook use keywords.  That's fine.  Grab a thesaurus and out play them at their own game 😉  Just got to watch you dont jump from one category of banned words to another.  "Out hunting" or "out on the prowl" might trigger different key words for guns haha.


Love your site Mike.  I used to be a guru and I have talked with you in chats before.  Glad to see your still going strong.  Hope my idea's also help you.

Best Regards,
Isle of misfit code & development
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Shopify Staff
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Not a problem, Mike! 

Those videos are great inspiration but by no means does your production or setup have to be that elaborate. Just a different way to think of marketing yourself as a brand. 

Great suggestions by @Misfit_Code_Dev as well! 

All the best,

Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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OH, Thanks for the tips!

I just found your message tonight, 4:30 a.m. hahaha... 


Seriously thanks...


I have a client who Loves my course. I helped him save his relationship.

She is happy as all get out!! I LOVE MY WORK!!!! 
I am DAmn Good at it.... sooooo... my point/purpose...


He has gotten me on 2 Podcasts. The last one has a pretty big following, very professional.

And they messaged me the next day and want me back... 


And he works with professional fighters, UFC / MMA Fighters and credits me a ton with the work he

has been doing... and giving referrals to work with athletes.. etc....


These podcasts are usually about Mind, Body, spirit  and sports! 

So it's a perfect connection for me... as I do all of those.... 


He also referred to clients to me this week, both professional athletes... 

One is a AA Professional Baseball player who wants to take it to the Big Leagues...

We start work on Monday... 


My overall point is, I am finally doing podcasts and have another one who just emailed me this week.

He read my book and said it changed his life... so I am going to go on his podcast next week... 


So things are moving... 


I Do however wish I could get any kind of sales for my books like I use to... and get clients through my youtube channel

and blogs etc.... but those have all been shut down... My youtube channel is lucky to get 15 views the first week, then after that

they just die a slow death... before, first 12 hours I would easily get 150 views then another 20 to 40 by midnight... and by weeks

end I would get at least another 200 more views etc... Now, lucky to get 20 views the first week... 


I loved it when I use to get clients from my video's, blogs, twitter, etc... nothing, facebook pages, I have 3, 

twitter, linked in, etc . etc. nothing is working... 


Check out my website: https://MikeKollin.com