Where can I buy the best p2p crypto lending software?

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Yes, I am posting here because I wanted to know as maybe you guys will help me to make my decision regarding my idea. 

Although I don't have any intention to post or make you disturb, don't interpret me wrong guys.



Some people say Antier Solutions, some say Blockchain app factory, some say sharda infotech and some suggest indoglobal infotech.

Let me know if any idea guys, rest I can help you guys with trading as well if required.

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Until recently, we did not know of any other place to store paper money other than a regular wallet. Read more here if you want to know the most reliable way to store your finances today. An online wallet is the most reliable option.

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Why don't you try bitscalp.io, they helped me scalp some of my bitcoin and I heard someone there talking about crypto lending softwares. Indeed these softwares should evolve more rapidly as transferring bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency can sometimes be more complicated than mining it. By the way what are the prognosis on bitcoin, is it going to stop growing ever. I have three of them and want to cash out but don't know what to do. I am afraid for it to collapse.

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 Hyperledger fabric is the best answer i can think of. If you want to Know more about hyperledger fabric course then join our hyperledger fabric tutorial of getting started with hyperledger fabric program.The Hyperledger Fabric introductory training course is designed to help IT professionals master the concept of Hyperledger Fabric v2.3. Learn hyperledger fabric completely, register now

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