Where can I edit my store's pop up newsletter?

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Hello someone please help me to find where I can edit my stores pop up/newsletter. I created one when I first made the store and now I can’t find where it was so that I can edit it. It’s not in an external app and I never used code to add it initially.

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Hello @Rworld,

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To make changes to the pop-up newsletter in your Shopify store, you can follow these steps.

-> Access your Shopify store admin panel by logging in with your credentials.

-> Within the Shopify admin interface, navigate to the "Online Store" option in the left sidebar and proceed to click on "Themes."

-> Locate the theme currently in use for your store and click on the "Customize" button associated with it. This will open the Theme Editor.

-> Identify the Newsletter Pop-Up Section.
The specific location and appearance of the newsletter pop-up may vary depending on your chosen theme. Consider these common methods for locating it:

- Check for a section labeled "Sections" within the Theme Editor. The newsletter pop-up may be listed there, typically under names like "Newsletter" or "Promotion."

- While in the Theme Editor, explore various settings options. You might discover the newsletter pop-up settings under headings such as "Pop-Ups," "Overlays," "Promotions," or similar categories.

-> Once you've located the newsletter pop-up settings, you should have the ability to edit its content, appearance, and behavior. This typically includes customizing text, images, colors, and determining when and how the pop-up appears (e.g., upon page load, after a specified time, upon exit intent, etc.).

-> After making the desired adjustments to the newsletter pop-up, remember to save your changes using the options available within the Theme Editor.

-> It's a good practice to preview the changes before making them live on your store. This allows you to assess how the pop-up will appear. Once you are satisfied with the preview, click "Publish" to implement the changes on your Shopify store.

If you cannot locate the newsletter pop-up within the Theme Editor, it's possible that it was added using an app or through custom code. In such cases, you may need to investigate your installed apps or seek assistance from a developer who can help you find and modify the pop-up.

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Hello Gina. I don’t see that option in my theme (publisher) I also checked my apps and I did not have pop up set up. I saw pop up newsletter in my edit code option for my theme and deleted it but I still see the pop up on my website. Www.worldlycomplex.com

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It’s the publisher theme, I believe it’s built in pop up