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Where to add Title tag

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1) Where do I have to enter my title tag for product or page? In admin panel=> products=> modify title tag and url

and the same for pages in =>blogs& pages=> modify title tag and url? Or I have to enter title tag in Template editor?

2) Do I have to enter code:

<title> my Title text </title>



<title> my Title text </title>




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If you are using the Template Editors than you can easily add TITLE tag on your site.


if you already have Head tag than you have to just add the Title tag.

Title Provides major role in the SEO process.


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You can add title tags with these simple steps below: 

Step 1: Go to Preferences
On the Shopify admin dashboard, store owners choose Online Store and click Preferences.
Step 2: Enter a title
On the Title and meta description section, online sellers can fill the boxes of a Homepage title and Homepage meta description for store
Step 3: Click Save.
To finishing the changes, click Save.

For more, you can read here.

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Hi @bennoo ,


For the product page you don't need to insert any TITLE Tags because your product page name is used for Title HTML tag already. Please see screenshot below for explanation.


I recommend you to read further this tutorial to understand how to include target keywords to your store





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>>For Homepage
1)On the Shopify admin dashboard store owner choose online store - Go to preferences
2)Enter the title on the title and meta description section.
3)After finishing the changes - Click save

>>For Products
1)Go to products section on the dashboard - click on list of product you wish to choose from - After clicking that particular product will be opened - scroll down - Below you will find the tab for Search Engine Listing Preview then Update SEO Title and meta description
-Click on Save - Changes will be reflected.


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