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Where to find Google Ads remarketing tag + ecomm.prodid parameters

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I am currently setting up dynamic remarketing for a client, and want to change the ecomm.prodid value, since the values don´t match with the google shopping feed. 

However I cannot seem to find these values nor the remarketing tag anywhere in Shopify. I believe I have searched in all the places where it should be such as the theme.liquid file, in the settings checkout area (additional script field) and there doesn´t seem to be any app added, where I can find the script. 

In the source code I can see the tag is loaded from within trekkie.load. Also in GTM debug mode,  I can see the GAds remarketing tag, plus the Tag assistant extension also loads the remarketing tag. So the tag is there, I just don´t know where to find it.

Does anyone have a solution?


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If the code is in Trekkie, this means it is loaded by Shopify. Not inside the theme.


I recommend disabled the free Google shopping app you are using, use a different app that only submits the data feed.

Then install the remarketing code manually.



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Thanks for the reply.  We will try to do that and see what happens.  🙂




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Hey @TinaHJ,

We understand it could be a pain in the @#! to implement Google's dynamic remarketing pixel, so that's why we've created an app to do it for you.

It fires the right snippet with the right attributes and values every time.

Check it out.

If there's anything to customize on your site from our end to make it work, we can do it for you.