where to put the facebook pixel?

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i'm experimenting with facebook ads. i've chosen for the automatic (integrated option) so shopify placed the FB pixel on checkout (i mean, i didn't copy paste the code there myself).

now my question is: since i have a lot of free (digital) products on my site, i want to make sure i track actual *sales* (for paid products) and not just checkouts of free products. can anyone tell me what the right way is to do that?

thank you!

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Hi there,

It's easy as 123, please follow these steps to learn how to creat & place the proper codes in your website (WP or HTML) websites.

Create a Facebook pixel

  1. Go to your Pixels tab in Ads Manager.
  2. Click Create a Pixel.
  3. Click Create in the box that appears to finish creating your pixel.

Add the Facebook pixel to your website

Once you've created your pixel, you're ready to put the Facebook pixel code on your website. Choose the statement below that best fits how you make updates to your website's code for instructions:

Go to your website's code and find the header of your website.

  1. Locate the header code for your website.
  2. Copy the entire code and paste it in the header of your website.
  3. Check that your code's working correctly.

Paste the code at the bottom of the Header Section, just above the closing head tag.

Click Send Test Traffic after placing the code on your website to make sure your pixel's working properly. If your status says "Active", your base code has been installed correctly. This can take several minutes to update.

That's it, no more compicated steps.

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hi, thanks, but i don't think your answer answers my question. i want to get data on actual paid checkouts?


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Hi James ... Happy New Year!

If your FB pixel has been set up correctly, all of your cart checkouts should be captured.

If you want ensure that everything is working as you expect it to, read this and install the Facebook Pixel Helper in your Shopify Store.

I hope this helps.

Cheers ... Rob

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thank you rob. i'm not sure if i should see a $ amount. what i'm saying is just the number of conversions, but i don't know if these are conversions to paid products or to free products. so i'm looking for a way to exclude conversions to free products. for free products, a checkout is necessary, but one doesn't get on the actual payment page, so i was wondering if perhaps a pixel needs to be exactly there?

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James ... if I'm not mistaken, since your "free" product customers don't actually go through the checkout page, those transactions shouldn't show up as a purchase. Naturally, the actual purchases will be captured.

If you determine that you aren't getting the data that you want/need from Facebook, you can also look into setting up Google Analytics.  There are also some free eCommerce apps like this one that track and report some of your store's key metrics.

~ Rob

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With Trackify X you can now track all your pixels, this Shopify facebook pixel app allowing you to create deep custom audiences, collect niche tracking data, collection tracking data, date and time data. The custom events include


*View Category *Customize Product *View Cart *Add Shipment Info

While the custom event parameters include


*Niche tracking tags *Collections *Date and Time data *User Information *Full support for advanced matching

Driving traffic to pages both on and off Shopify? Trackify X generates a pixel formatted code that can be applied to all pages including blogs and external landing pages for data extraction.

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Hi James,


If you are selling Free plus shipping type products then try our Facebook Pixel Tracking App - Pixel Conversion Pro Facebook as it will track all your sales correctly in your Facebook Ad Reports.  You can try our app here: https://apps.shopify.com/pixel-conversion-pro

Thank you!

James (Tech Support)

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Can someone please help me find the Header. I'm trying to place the facebook pixel code. It would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm currently on my store and I am at where it says header but I'm lost from there