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I imported a couple of womens clothing products all I could get loaded into shopify. There was a bluetooth locator that someone talked about I couldn't find it on Oberlo. How do you get this stuff going quickly. Or get it going well anyway. How do you get FB advertising for your store?


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Hi @Bill26! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


First of all, a late congratulations and good job with importing your products to your Shopify store. Hope you've been making profit from the time you posted this concern.


In any case, given that you've posted this for quite a long time now, I assume you're still using Oberlo. Is it the only dropshipping app you considered using? Have you checked Spocket out? In terms of products doing well, Spocket's catalog has a wide selection of premium quality women's clothing pieces (and other items as well) that can greatly benefit your store's performance. The best part, most of the suppliers on the platform come from the EU and the US, so besides being given access to quality products, you're also assured of efficient shipping times. Products on Spocket usually take 3-5 days to ship, depending on your business set-up. This is beneficial as customers want products of great quality that can be delivered to them in the fastest time possible.




Given all these, if you want to learn more about the platform and what it can offer you, you can hop on over to Spocket's official website where you'll find all the information you need to know. If, after your exploration and review of the app, you find that it suits your current business goals, I'd like to invite you to sign-up as a member and subscribe to one of our plans. Hope you can find the time to check Spocket out!


In terms of Facebook ads, you'd only have to set-up a Facebook Business page where you can run advertising campaigns for your store and its products. Just a few things to consider with paid ads once you do get to set this up:


  1. It's all in the metrics you set. I'd recommend focusing on a particular audience based on the products you're selling and set the metrics according to this audience. While it may seem tempting to go for a general audience to acquire a higher reach, it's not as effective as focusing on a specific audience.
  2. In relation to the previous item, always put into consideration your chosen audience's interests and likes. Create the materials for your ad based on this info.
  3. Make sure that the landing page, the page the link you put in your ad goes to, is optimized. Incorporate SEO tactics and always make sure that the content your audience sees is relevant.
  4. In terms of the actual ad, create a balance with the elements such as image and text. This is where testing comes in. Based on your store's niche, create two versions of an ad - an example would be an ad focusing on an image with less text, and an ad with more text. See which one performs well and try to tailor your future ads based on the insights you get.
  5. Proper copy is key. Make sure that the caption and all the other text that go with your ad are relevant and well thought-out.
  6. Try to consider focusing on creating content for mobile. Most people are on their phones so it's best to create ads that are optimized for mobile.

Hope these help!